With VFlex you have not hired just any renovation contractor

Expertise begins with knowledge and experience

The driving force behind V-Flex, Carl Loots, is passionate about everything to do with building, as is evident from his extensive academic background as well.

For you, this means first and foremost that with V-Flex you are choosing a renovation contractor or new build contractor with extensive multidisciplinary knowledge. Moreover, we have many years of experience in the field as a renovation and new build contractor, real estate expert and project manager. You can thus rest easy, your contractor is perfectly informed and your renovation is in good hands!

Why our service is so special

Knowledge, experience and specialized expertise are the basis for providing high-quality work, but service is certainly just as important. At VFlex, we have a very clear vision of service as well.

We make a difference by offering custom work that puts flexibility first, to guarantee you a stress-free building project. And to do so, we are prepared to go very far indeed!

We think together with you

We have a particular vision of space and aesthetics. Thus we often see solutions where at first sight something may appear impossible or technically not feasible. Just show us your ground plans or site and we will be happy to provide tips and suggestions. Who knows, we might just come up with the solution you are looking for…

Most contractors think primarily about the technical possibilities and their implementation. At VFlex, we have opted to analyse the aesthetic aspects, functionality, the cost and the potential added value as well. Thus you can also ask us to calculate the entire estimated cost of your renovation, to screen an interesting property for you before you buy, to appraise the increase in value after the renovation work, etc.

We oversee your project from A to Z

Gathering quotes, comparing materials and overseeing the work … A lot of time is taken up with coordinating a building or renovation project. You can certainly make better use of your time, and so we try to free you of as many tasks as possible.

What tasks exactly we will take over for you depends entirely on your wishes, but here are just a few examples of how we can save you time and aggravation:

  • Visiting showrooms to choose and compare materials? We would be pleased to go with you to provide expert advice.
  • We also limit the administration where possible. We collect all the documentation needed to prepare your construction dossier and to apply for authorizations and renovation permits.
  • You need not worry about the contacts, appointments and offers from suppliers and subcontractors. We will arrange everything and provide you with 1 clear, complete offer for your project.
  • We have an extensive network of professional contacts and can therefore put you in touch with various specialists, (interior) architects, EPB and electricity certifiers, real estate brokers, and so on.
  • Your building project need not incur any unnecessary delays. We will make the appropriate appointments with all suppliers and coordinate their agendas. We also coordinate and oversee the work.
  • You can also turn to us for inventories of the premises, estimates of the value of the property, damage adjustments and damage mediation.
  • ….

We continue to be available even after completion, since we consider after-care to be extremely important!


Would you like to get to know us?

In order for a renovation project to run smoothly and without stress, it is very important for things to click. That is true both for you and for us. That is why we like to come by for an initial visit free of charge and without any obligation, if you are considering hiring us as a renovation contractor. We will measure all the spaces at that time and go over your wishes in detail before drawing up an offer.

Feel free to ask for a site visit at no cost. You have nothing to lose!