How to choose a new build contractor?

You wouldn’t entrust your new build project to just anyone, would you?

Yet far too often, builders choose their new build contractor based on availability. It is not so easy to find a contractor who can make time in his or her tight schedule for a new project. Sometimes even requests for a quote are simply left unanswered.

And yet, would you not prefer to choose your new build contractor based on his or her vision and service and the quality of his or her past projects?

Why does our approach differ so much from that of other contractors?

Most contractors limit their service to carrying out the necessary construction work as designed by the architect. That is something we at V-Flex also do, of course, but we go a bit further. We think proactively along with you about your building project, and assist you with a good number of other matters.

  • Thanks to our extensive partner network, we can suggest a suitable and reliable expert for each speciality. That also applies to architects, interior designers, EPB and electricity certifiers, and much more.
  • We accompany you in person to suppliers’ showrooms to advise you on the choice and purchase of materials.
  • We also assist you with the building administration. We will, among other things, prepare the necessary documents for submitting a building dossier or an application for a building permit and will even handle the communication with the administrative services in question. We can also provide explanations of any building subsidies you may be eligible for.
  • Have you had a new rental property built? V-Flex is not only a new build contractor, but also an accredited real estate expert. This means you can also count on us for drawing up professional inventories of the premises, carrying out loss adjustments and so on ….
You’ve read that we are exceptionally flexible. Everything is open to discussion and everything is possible. We tailor our service completely to your wishes, preferences and budget so that we can be not only your new build contractor, but a partner on whom you can rely before, during and after the building project.

New build projects that we take on

  • new build homes and buildings with multiple dwellings
  • project development for residential complexes
  • new build apartments and apartment buildings/rental properties (with or without commercial units)
  • industrial buildings, office buildings, shops, etc.

Would you like to get to know us?

Are you looking for a reliable contractor to take on your new build project and are interested in our service?

Feel free to send us an email, we are always pleased to answer and to set aside some time to get to know you, discuss your building plans in detail and give you a quote without any obligation.