What if renovation work were possible without stress?

Stress-free renovations – that is our guarantee!

Have you acquired a lovely property, but one that needs a bit of attention and tender loving care in order to turn it into a real home? Or do you already own a home or office building, but it is bursting at the seams? In that case, V-Flex is the right place to turn for your renovation work. Especially if you are looking forward to the results of the renovation, but a bit less to the entire renovation process…

When you undertake renovation work, there are a lot of details to take care of. Among other things, you need to consider the new ground plan, submit building dossiers, hire various contractors and specialists and coordinate their agendas so that the renovation project does not incur undue delays, and so on and so forth… It is a time-consuming process, while you could certainly be spending your valuable time on better things.

With V-Flex as your contractor for your renovation work, a smooth, carefree renovation is guaranteed. You have a single point of contact with whom to review these and many other tasks, and you will see the same, familiar face on the work site as well! How far exactly our services should go and what tasks you do and don’t wish to outsource to us is entirely up to you.

We adapt our approach entirely to your wishes, and everything is possible! What exactly did you have in mind?

  • In the course of a site visit without obligation, we very carefully measure the spaces to be renovated. We also examine and review in detail the building plans of your/ our architect.
  • Would you have preferred to subdivide the space differently, but it seemed technically impossible? We would be happy to let our creative vision and keen spatial insights loose on the space. This can often yield surprising solutions. If you wish, we can even put our ideas into a 3D design so that you can visualize the possibilities.
  • Have you had a chance to calculate the estimated cost for the entire renovation? We are happy to prepare a detailed cost estimate for you. And, what is more, we will incorporate all the work and the cost of the specialists and subcontractors into 1 overall quote. This means you won’t be getting a mass of different quotes, just one clear offer for the whole project.
  • Nor are you on your own when it comes to purchasing the materials. We will happily accompany you to the suppliers’ showrooms in order to advise you on the choice of materials. The administration of orders and appointments for deliveries and installations need not cause you any headaches either. We will take care of those for you as well.
  • We coordinate the works, manage the different specialists, experts and suppliers and oversee the work site.
  • Is the end of the work and the hand-off in sight? We will first give it a thorough clean-up, since only after that can we inspect the quality of the finishings with due care and indicate in sufficient time if any finishing touches are still needed.
  • Did you know that V-Flex is not only a contractor for renovation work and new builds, but is also an accredited real estate expert? We can therefore also draw up an inventory of the premises, so that your property is immediately ready for rental. When it comes to the administration of building permit applications, Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB) reporting, electricity certification and so on, you can rely on our multidisciplinary expertise and our extensive network of partners. Yes indeed, you read it right. We can even take over the whole administration of building permit applications and authorizations for you!

What can we do exactly as far as your renovation work is concerned?

Interior work & interior design

  • Building in a new kitchen
  • Complete bathroom renovation
  • Various kinds of plastering work
  • Insulating attics
  • Addition/demolition of extra spaces
  • …..

Exterior work & garden design

  • Preparatory groundwork
  • Levelling the garden and garden design
  • Installation of terrace and/or driveway
  • (Re)construction of parking lots and building garages
  • Lettering, advertising panels, signage

Experience makes a difference!

Our more than 25 years’ experience in construction, our extensive knowledge of materials and our creative vision of space and aesthetics would seem to be the ideal combination for ensuring the success of a wide variety of renovation works. Curious what our work is like? Then take a look at our past accomplishments to discover the results of our work.

We are ready to discuss your renovation plans!

Would you like to get to know us without obligation and find out more about our services and prices? On appointment, we will come along to your premises, and with a smile set out our vision and way of working in detail.
Feel free to contact us for smaller renovation projects as well. We will be pleased to look at the possibilities and give you an answer and a personalized quote.