With V-Flex you have a contractor and real estate expert in 1

We dare to look at your building project from a different, perhaps even a critical angle

Most building contractors look at a new building or renovation project primarily from a technical and construction standpoint. Because at V-Flex we have experience not only as contractors but also as a real estate expert, we take a quite different approach. It is thus certainly worth involving us already in the planning phase of your building project and discovering where this extra service can make a difference.

What about the price of your renovation or building project?

If you are going to build or renovate, you no doubt have a total budget in mind. You probably also have an idea of the scale of the costs that each part of the project will involve, and then you add roughly 10% to be sure that your predetermined budget will be sufficient.


That is precisely why you can count on the expertise of the Brasschaat-based real estate expert V-Flex. We do all the calculations for you in order to provide you with a realistic total price for your building project.

Not a real estate broker, but a real estate expert

The services of a real estate expert should not be confused with those of a real estate broker. These are two separate areas of speciality. For the sale or rental of your property, we can put you in touch with our real estate partners.

What we can certainly do is draw up an inventory of the premises for a new building or when tenants enter or leave. We prepare a professional and complete inventory of the premises, in which we carefully document the facilities present, the state of the property and any damages that occurred during the rental.

Real estate advice & calculation when buying a new home

If you are planning to buy a new home, you want to be sure what you are buying is not only “nice”, but also “well-built”. You can bring along friends or relatives to cast an eye and give you advice, or you can call upon the real estate expert V-Flex to serve as a building inspector and thoroughly screen the property for you.

Based on our general expertise and experience in contract work, supplemented by our specific real estate expertise, we investigate all structural, aesthetic and functional elements of the building. We then draw up a detailed report so that you know exactly what you are buying. Any defects are listed carefully in the report, so that you have all the arguments necessary to negotiate the price.

We can also draw up an appraisal report for you, with our estimate of the value of the property. This way you can compare the asking price with the estimated value.

Loss adjuster and damage intermediary

In cases of damage, our expertise is particularly handy. Water damage, damage caused by tenants or faulty finishings by a specialist or contractor … We carefully document and estimate the damage so that your claim for damages from your insurer or your negotiations with tenants will be complete and accurate.

What is more, thanks to our experience as a renovation contractor, we can in many cases find a suitable solution right away for the repairs needed and provide an accompanying budget estimate. If the damage is very specific and a specialist is needed, we will enquire among our partners in order to provide you with a quote for the repairs.

If you are in negotiations with the various parties involved, we can also act as a damage intermediary. We will set out the documented damage and the repair work and costs in detail to all parties, and together with you look for a workable compromise that is acceptable to all parties.

V-Flex regularly conducts loss adjustments and damage mediation on behalf of owners as well as of insurance brokers.


Could you use building or real estate advice?

The above-mentioned advice and services are but examples of our real estate services. Please contact us and put your questions to us. We would be pleased to look at whether we can be of service to you, and in what way.